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Mumbai Cop Goes Beyond Call of Duty, Breaks Law to Save Senior Citizen’s Life!
Thanks to the Mumbai Police's presence of mind, a life was saved. Inset Image Courtesy: Twitter

Mumbai Cop Goes Beyond Call of Duty, Breaks Law to Save Senior Citizen’s Life!

A family approached the Mumbai police for help in an emergency situation.

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In a nail-biting chain of events, a Mumbai cop went all out to help a family, even breaking the law and going beyond protocol. An example of selflessness, to save a senior citizen’s life.

90-year-old Eruch Balsara was alone at home, oblivious to the fact that his door was being repeatedly knocked, and his doorbell constantly rung. It was his niece Naazneen, and another relative, Shahrukh Marolia at the door. Naazneen thought the old man was sleeping but got worried when he didn’t open the door after repeated calls.

The two then went to the police, to seek help. Urmila Kirdat was the duty officer, and she immediately gathered a mobile police van, alerted the fire brigade, and rushed to the spot.


Once at the flat, the team tried opening the main door but was unsuccessful. That is when the fire brigade broke open the kitchen grill, and entered the flat, to open the main door. The old man was unconscious, but breathing, lying in the hall on a sofa.

Balsara’s niece described the ordeal of three hours where the team broke open several layers of paddocks, grills and complex locking systems, before finally being able to enter the flat. She stresses it was vital to rush the 90-year-old to his regular medical support system at Breach Candy Hospital in South Mumbai.

This was when things began to get complicated. The police have a protocol–they could only accompany the distressed up to Sion Hospital. In this matter of life and death, that protocol threw a spanner in the works.

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Kirdat kept trying to call an ambulance, but it didn’t arrive. That is when she took an important decision–to help the family reach the hospital.

Three constables including the driver, Kirdat and Mr Balsara’s relatives rode in the van with the 90-year-old, to get him to Breach Candy. Since the police van wasn’t an ambulance, there was no oxygen mask. The team reached Breach Candy hospital from Dadar in 15 minutes.

The Mumbai Police acted quickly, and transported the 90-year-old in a van. Representative image only. Image Courtesy: Flickr
The Mumbai Police acted quickly, and transported the 90-year-old in a van. Representative image only. Image Courtesy: Flickr

This extraordinary feat was achieved, thanks to Kirdat. When the van ran into heavy traffic at Mumbai Central, the brave cop decided to drive in the opposing lane to move faster. She and the constables kept communicating with traffic police authorities, urging them to clear the streets.

The result was that Mr Balsara reached Breach Candy Hospital, and received the medical care he required. His niece was full of gratitude and praised the police for their timely action.

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The Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar took to social media to praise the efforts of the cops involved in the rescue operation and expressed his happiness at being able to help the family.

Featured image inset photo credit:- Twitter.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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