Dealing With Depression? These 6 Websites Will Let You Connect, Talk, Get Help!

Your career, stress, love life, a childhood memory, sexual harassment, or any form of harassment can lead to this sinking feeling. And everything is valid. You are valid, your feelings are valid.

It was about 2:00 a.m. I was fast asleep, and my phone was right next to my pillow; with the ringer on full volume. Lately, I had started to do this for my best friend as she could need to talk to me at any time, and I wanted to be there for her.

A while later, my phone started ringing—it was her.

My friend had been extremely listless for a while now. She was unable to sleep, and had lost interest in most things— her favourite pasta didn’t taste as good, every movie reminded her that she was single, and she felt unwanted at every gathering. She also had trouble sleeping and needed someone by her side at odd hours of the day.

But she went on. She put on the bravest face and smiled through the day.

It was only at night when the world had gone to sleep, and there was no need to pretend any longer, that the sinking feeling of depression rose like a wave within her.

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She could dial the only number that would answer her call—mine. And I heard her out, although she had nothing to say, really.

It was during my exams that I realised how much she was dependent on me. I could not talk to her because I was busy studying, but to her, it translated to me being annoyed with her state of being.

Depression can be a crippling feeling. It is not just an expression of prolonged trauma.

Your career, stress, love life, a childhood memory, sexual harassment, or any form of harassment can lead to this sinking feeling. And everything is valid. You are valid, your feelings are valid.

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If you too get this feeling of a void in your life—of loneliness, anxiety, prolonged stress, insomnia, loss of appetite, or a sense of a grey cloud following you everywhere—we have your back. We are here to support you.

Sometimes all you need is a listening ear. Here are some organisations you can call, and they will guide to back to the light.

1. Vandrevala Foundation:

The foundation guarantees full confidentiality of callers. You can call them at any time of the day or night and be assured of a caring person to hear you out.

Their number is: 1860-266-2345 / 1800-233-3330. You can also drop them an email at

2. Sahai

“You have a purpose… You are not alone… We are there to help you” assures the Sahai helpline.

Give them a call at 080- 2549-7777. They are active Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 8 pm. But don’t worry, if you call them past the working hours, you can drop a message on their answering machine and ask them to call you back.

3. BetterLyf foundation

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The counsellors at BetterLyf Foundation are always up for a chat. They understand that talking about struggles— whether it is professional or personal—can help any individual. You can send them a quick text on their website, and they will send a prompt response. You can also call them at +91 92-666-264-35.

4. Juno Clinic

The Juno Clinic lets you decide the therapist you feel you’ll be most comfortable talking to. They give you short introductions to their counsellors and you can help them understand your problems. This way, the best-suited counsellor can connect with you.

Call Juno clinic at 022- 3349-2929 or visit them on their website.

5. Your Dost

If you feel comfortable chatting with a counsellor, you can connect with Your Dost. They show you the number of people seeking their guidance in real time, so you know you are never alone—no matter what. Their blog will also help you get motivated for another day. Give them a try!

6. Seraniti

Seraniti is another platform where professional and trained counsellors will help you through challenging situations. You can give them a call at +91 991-611-1972 or +91 844-844-9428.

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Please note that some of these services will charge you money. Your mental health is worth every penny you spend on its well-being.

Remember, there is no shame in seeking professional help wherever you may need it. Man is a social animal and sometimes he needs a very patient, understanding ear to hear him out. You are never alone in your fight, and you can get through it.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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