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This Young Team Is Spreading Hope And Love In The Lives Of Those Who Need It The Most

The satisfaction you get by spreading little joys among the less privileged cannot be expressed. From healthcare to elderly care, this team of young enthusiasts is all about spreading joy in the lives of those who need it the most. Their aim is to make social work a little more fun. Hope Springs believes in using their passion and talent to change lives. What's more - its so easy that you can do it too!

The satisfaction you get by spreading little joys among the less privileged cannot be expressed. From healthcare to elderly care, this team of young enthusiasts is all about spreading joy in the lives of those who need it the most. Their aim is to make social work a little more fun. Hope Springs believes in using their passion and talent to change lives. What’s more – its so easy that you can do it too!

Narayanappa broke his wrist three months back in a minor accident at work. Instead of consulting a doctor, he continued to work with the broken wrist and did not pay much attention to the seriousness of the issue. As a result, the condition worsened and so did the pain.

That is when Hope Springs intervened. They looked for doctors and surgeons who could help Narayanappa with the ailment. They used social media platforms to find a medical expert who could offer him treatment for free. Finally, after a couple of week’s efforts and search, Narayanappa was referred to a specialist who treated him with the right medication and freed him from his pain.

“The biggest problem is ignorance. People from economically disadvantaged background do not pay much attention to their health. Eventually, the situation becomes worse and it causes them even more trouble. The idea is to make people more aware and informed,” says Kevin Vineeth Kumar, founder of Hope Springs.

Sometimes a small act of kindness can change someone’s life. A smile is enough to make someone’s day. A surprise visit to someone lonely can be the best gift ever. A helping hand could lead to someone’s brighter future.

hope springs
Hope Springs works in four major sectors – Water, Information, Sanitation and Healthcare.

And, Hope Springs is doing exactly that – trying to spread a little hope, happiness and love in the lives of those who need it the most. Founded in 2013, Hope Springs aims to promote the development of the underprivileged in the country.

Working in four important sectors – Water, Information, Sanitation and Healthcare (WISH), this young organization focuses on engaging everyone in the social sector in a fun way, without being preachy.

“Charity should not always be serious or monetary. Use the talent that you have or just spend some time with those who need it and that itself can do wonders,” says Kumar.

The start

After completing his MBA, Kumar wanted to start something of his own. A high paying job was not something that he fancied. He knew he wanted to work in the social sector, and his family’s background and experience of running an NGO came in handy and gave Kumar the courage to take the plunge.

“I wanted to help people get access to basic facilities and change their lives in simple ways. The satisfaction and joy that you get when you see a smile on someone’s face and you know that you are the reason behind it cannot be expressed,” Kumar says.

Having started as a one-man show, Hope Springs began operations with providing healthcare facilities through medical camps to rural areas and later on expanded to other issues.

hope springs
Kevin Vineeth Kumar, founder, Hope Springs.

Today, they are connecting various dots to make life a little better for the less privileged. From spreading awareness about clean drinking water and sanitation to reaching out to orphanages and old age homes, Hope Springs is covering many grounds.

What do they do?

One of their primary initiatives is organizing regular medical camps in rural areas near Bangalore. Currently, they host two medical camps on every first and third Saturday of the month. They have partnered with various doctors and community specialists who are aware of the mindset of the people in the villages.

The Hope Springs team first visits the villages and checks on how much intervention is required and what kind of help is needed. “We see what a particular village is lacking. Based on our research we intervene and start our basic campaigns and camps,” Kumar says.

The Hope Spring team also closely works with old age homes by visiting the elderly on every second Saturday of the month. “We do take care of the basic things which they might need but the main idea is just to spend some time with them in their twilight years. Sometimes deeds as small as playing the guitar, singing and dancing cheers them up.” Kumar says.

hope springs
Regular visits to old age homes brightens up the day of the elderly in their twilight years.

Hope Springs is all about engaging the community and enabling them to help the needy in whatever way they can. On similar grounds, to take Hope Springs’ initiative to another level, two brothers decided to do something special to support their healthcare project.

They started a more than 6,000 kms long motorbike journey from Bangalore to the Himalayas to raise funds for various initiatives of Hope Springs. During this trip, they communicated and engaged with 700 plus families in the valley, and managed to raise funds of Rs.30,000.

“This initiative clearly explains our idea. You need not be part of a charitable organization or a bigger company. You can help people within your own limitations. You can use your talent and passion to raise funds and spread awareness. Like these guys. They were going on the bike ride to the Himalayas for an unforgettable experience. But, rather than just making it an idle journey for pleasure, they decided to convert this adventure trip into something more meaningful,” Kumar says.

hope springs
An awareness bike ride was started on August 24 to support Hope Springs and raise funds for various initiatives.

The impact

Hope Springs is entirely managed by Kumar with support from around 10 volunteers. They have touched over 600 lives through their medical camps in two villages that they regularly visit.

“The biggest impact we have seen is the amount of happiness and hope that we bring on people’s face when we visit them. The elderly in old age homes eagerly wait for our visit and even the villagers give an overwhelming response to our medical camps,” he says.

hope springs
Frequent medical camps are organized to provide basic healthcare facilities to the less privileged

Scaling up

Just a year old, this NGO has many plans to scale up. At the top of their priorities is to expand their area of work and approach various companies and investors to support their cause.

“Money is important in case you want to bring a change. We are looking for people who could support us with various initiatives,” Kumar says.

Hope Spring is also looking to expand the team which could take care of various campaigns and could help Kumar to come up with interesting ideas to spread awareness and execute the ideas. Watch this video to know more about their work –

How can you help?

“Use the talent that you have to change someone’s life. Spread the word and just be involved to know more about how small acts of kindness can help someone to a great extent,” Kumar says.

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