He Brought Rainwater From Rooftops To Water Taps And Changed 1000s Of Lives In Rural Rajasthan

Walking several miles just to get a bucket of water which they have to carefully use through the day is a common sight in many rural areas of the country. Bhagwati Agrawal is attempting to solve this problem through a simple yet innovative rainwater harvesting solution. Watch how Aakash Ganga is providing water security to several villages in rural Rajasthan and changing thousands of lives.

Many village folk in rural India still walk several kilometers to get clean drinking water. A running tap is still a dream and water-borne diseases still account for many deaths in these areas. Bhagwati Agrawal thought to resolve all of these complex issues by coming up with the interesting yet simple idea of Aakash Ganga (“river from the sky”).

10,000 lives in six villages have changed significantly due to this initiative so far. The biggest beneficiaries are the women in these drought-prone villages of Rajasthan, who have seen immense improvements in their health, livelihood and education prospects. Watch this video to know what exactly he did!

Aakash Ganga was the winner of 2012 Purpose Prize. This video was originally published here.

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