This Couple Found a ₹25k Saree on a Footpath, and Had an Amazing Response!

On Sunday evening, Jayanagar residents Vishwanath S and Anitha came across a brand new saree on their way, with even its price tag intact.

How often have we lost something valuable and wished for it to be returned by some kind soul who stumbled upon it? Though many people across the world have shared heart-warming accounts of lost articles returned by complete strangers, most of us have had no such luck.

But let us turn the tables for now. What would you do if you stumbled upon a lost item that is quite valuable? Go to the nearest police station or go out of your way to return it? Or perhaps pocket it with the idea – finders’ keepers?

Well, what this couple from Bengaluru did upon finding a saree worth Rs 25,000 on a road in Jayanagar 4th Block, will reinstate your faith in the virtue of honesty and moral righteousness!

On Sunday evening, Jayanagar residents Vishwanath S and Anitha came across a brand new saree on their way, with even its price tag intact.

For representational purposes. Source: Wikimedia.

“The Kanchi sari carried no other clue, other than the price tag and the barcode. Neither was there a receipt with it nor did the price tag say anything about the shop it was from. We thought the saree might belong to a bride whose wedding is around the corner, or to someone who bought it and misplaced it and would be desperately searching for it now,” Vishwanath told The Times of India.

The kind couple remained in the spot for about 15 minutes with the saree, in case someone turned up looking for it. Upon finding no luck, Vishwanath even posted a photograph of the saree on his Facebook account.

Following which, the duo went about inquiring about the garment in adjacent shops and nearby streets too, but to no avail. They even looked up nearby tailoring stores, just to check if someone had placed an order to stitch a matching blouse.

Anitha tried scanning the barcode on the saree with the help of an app on her mobile phone. Finally, they decided to take the apparel to one of the leading silk saree showrooms in the vicinity to confirm if they had retailed it.

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In an interesting twist of events, the missing saree had indeed belonged to that particular store – as confirmed by the store manager who scanned the barcode on the saree.

According to the manager, the staff had already been searching for the apparel within the store around the time the couple dropped in to inquire about the missing item.

“We were shifting stocks from our Jayanagar showroom to our JP Nagar branch. Of the 20 saris sent, 18 were sent back from the JP Nagar centre, but we received only 17. One had gone missing, and we were clueless about it. It must have fallen on the road while the sarees were being transported. That was a great gesture by the couple. Their effort saved some of our jobs,” the manager said.

The store staffers were grateful to the couple’s earnest efforts and profusely thanked the couple.

It is admirable that people like Vishwanath and Anitha still exist in today’s world, whose honesty should be something we must all take inspiration from and practice in our own lives too.

(Edited By Vinayak Hegde)

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