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Buying Property in Maharashtra? You Can Use Aadhaar Instead of Witness for Registration

"With about 90% adults having Aadhaar cards, the process would be simpler and transparent," said official at the state Inspector-General of Registration (IGR) office.

Buying or registering for a property is a complex task in India. It is a huge investment that requires multiple background checks and verifications. One of the steps in the verification process is to get an independent witness in the registrar office while registering an immovable property.

This process is set to change in Maharashtra as the state government is giving you the choice of linking your Aadhaar cards instead of producing an independent witness.

According to the Times of India, Maharashtra has become the first state in India to allow Aadhaar verification to register for a property. The initiative will give citizens the choice of linking Aadhaar cards instead of a witness to register for a property. The witness has to undergo the process of producing ID, address and photo proofs, affidavits etc. at the sub-registrar office.

An official at the state Inspector-General of Registration (IGR) office told TOI,

“With about 90% adults having Aadhaar cards, the process would be simpler and transparent,” adding the point that this consent-based Aadhaar verification service will also be cost-effective and auditable.

Representational image of property in Mumbai. Source.

The point that this verification process is consent-based means you now have the option of producing your Aadhaar card for registration instead of the present day regulation of getting an independent witness.

With this choice of linking your unique identification number, the process is set to become easy for citizens.

Supriya Karmarkar, the Deputy Inspector-General of Registration, spoke to the Pune Mirror about this new step.

“An amendment was made to Section 32A of the Registration Act, 1908 to introduce a new system and an Aadhaar verification will fulfil the requirement,”

Representational image of Aadhaar cards and immovable property. Sources: Flickr/ Flickr

she said, adding that “Almost every person in the state has an Aadhaar card. In case they do not, it will be mandatory to carry an independent witness.”

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Identifying the owner of a property will be easier for authorities if our unique 12-digit identification number is linked to them. Additionally, the government will also be able to identify nameless properties and make land records transparent.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) stressed on the point of being able to track down the records of properties acquired through corrupt measures if linking Aadhaar to properties is made mandatory, and not just optional.


(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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