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Check out This Eye-Catching & Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Chopping Boards!
Wooden chopping board

Check out This Eye-Catching & Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic Chopping Boards!

The bark of the neem tree is cut into slices to retain the rustic look of the wood

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Do you use a plastic board for cutting vegetables? At a time when we are actively moving away from using plastic, shouldn’t you be changing the chopping board too?

My grandmother often comments on the amount of plastic in my kitchen and urges me to move to better alternatives. “I always used wooden chopping boards in my time,” she says.

Just like there is always wisdom in what your grandmother tells you, this too has merit.

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin found that bacteria, including salmonella, did not survive on wooden cutting boards when left overnight. However, on a plastic board, the bacteria thrived and multiplied.

The market today is filled with various kinds of wooden chopping boards.

Among the variety available, neem wood cutting boards are gaining popularity, as they are a more attractive and a healthier option.

The bark of the neem tree is cut into slices to retain the rustic look of the wood.

According to B Gangadhara Murthy of Grameena Angadi, a Trustee of the Grameena Handicrafts Artisans Group, wood has natural antiseptic properties, and neem has an additional advantage with its anti-germicidal properties. “People in villages brush their teeth with neem twigs as it can get rid of oral bacteria,” reported The Hindu.

Grameena Angadi in Bengaluru has nearly 250 varieties of wooden products sourced from many states. These products are also extremely eco-friendly.

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Here’s why you should shift to wooden chopping boards:

1. Wooden chopping boards harbour fewer bacteria when compared to plastic.

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2. Cleaning a wooden board is simple. Ensure that you oil the surface well to protect it from bacteria.

3. A wooden board does not dull your knives as quickly as plastic boards do.

4. Wooden chopping boards do not scar easily, hence last longer.

5. Wooden boards also add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

So, what’s not to love about these wooden chopping boards? While they are great for your kitchen, they are also environmentally safe. So get one for your kitchen today!

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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