No More Dirty Tracks: Railways’ Bio-Toilets to Be Here Sooner Than You Think!

The Railways plans to bring in bio-toilets sooner than expected.Image Courtesy: Twitter.

No more human waste on tracks, decides Railways, and brings forward the bio-toilets.

The Railway Ministry, in the last two years, has made six green corridors functional and this was done to demonstrate the advantage of bio-toilets. This is all a part of a plan by the Railways to ensure that bio-toilets are installed in coaches, so that no human waste escapes the train, dirtying the tracks.

Now, the Railways has commissioned 22 sections as green corridors and brought forward its plan of setting up bio-toilets in its entire fleet, by 2019, instead of 2021-22, as decided earlier.

The Railways plans to bring in bio-toilets sooner than expected.Image Courtesy: Twitter.
The Railways plans to bring in bio-toilets sooner than expected.Image Courtesy: Twitter.

Below are the various sections where this will be implemented.

1) The Daund-Baramati section of 43 km and the Chalisgaon-Dhule section of 56 km in Maharashtra commissioned, under the Central Railway.

2) The Sakari-Biraul 35 km long stretch, in Bihar, commissioned under the East Central Railway.

3) Madhupur-Giridh, a 38 km long section in Jharkhand/West Bengal and the Bhagalpur-Banka 53 km long section in Bihar, commissioned under the Eastern Railway.

4) The Bhojiura-Pilibhit section of 40 km in Uttar Pradesh and Chhapra-Thave of 109 km in Bihar, commissioned under the North Eastern Railway.

5) The Chaparmukh-Silghat 82 km long section, the Katakhal-Bairabi 84 km long section in Assam, and the Arunachal-Vangaichungpao section in Assam/Manipur, commissioned under the Northeast Frontier Railway.

6) The Barmer-Munabao 199 km long section, the Pipar Road-Bilara 41 km long section, the Hanumangarh-Sadalpur 178 km long section, the Anupgarh-Suratgarh 77 km long section in Rajasthan, and the Sikar-Loharu 150 km long section in Rajasthan and Haryana, commissioned under the North Western Railway.

7) The Rameswaram-Manamadurai 119 km long section, the Trichy-Manamadurai (excluding TPJ) 151 km long section, the Madurai-Manamadurai (excluding MDU) 48 km long section, the Virudhnagar-Manamadurai (excluding VPT) 67 km long section, all in Tamil Nadu, commissioned under the Southern Railway.

8) The Okha-Kanalus Junction 140 km section, the Porbandar-Wansjaliya 33 km long section, and the hola Junction Mahuva (excluding Rajula Road-Rajula City) 127 km long section, all across Gujarat, commissioned under the Western Railway.

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The Indian Railways will retrofit the new bio-toilet systems, in existing trains. Read about the mechanism of these toilets here.

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