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Is It a Bike? A Skateboard? Both! Meet Skatocross, a Revolution on Wheels!

Is It a Bike? A Skateboard? Both! Meet Skatocross, a Revolution on Wheels!

The skatocross, a motorcycle and skateboard fusion, is quite the invention!

When you first see it, it looks like a burly skateboard. However, upon close inspection, you notice it has two wheels, not four. Interestingly, the wheels are chunky and have decent off-road capabilities.

The entire contraption is motorised, and you control it with a device in your hand. Introducing Skatocross-the revolutionary skateboard-motorcycle hybrid, that is ready to take off, in an instant.

Ratheesh M.Y, a student from Mysore, is behind this revolutionary machine, which happens to be the country’s first motorised skate bike.

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The mechanism is simple – a handheld module controls the vehicle, whose riding style is like that of a skateboard. The device weighs below 50 kgs and has a pretty powerful engine.

Skatocross aims to have the flexibility and portability of a skateboard, with the speed of a motorcycle. And it works, since the skatocross even looks fast while standing still!

Ratheesh was inspired by his interest in automotive design. His father has a garage in Mysore. That, and Ratheesh’s engineering prowess gave birth to skatocross.

Ratheesh founded VIVRT motors to create innovative products tailored towards performance. The company aims to help customers unleash the adventure junkie within them. VIVRT motors claim that amateur and regular riders will have a lot of fun riding their vehicles.

Speaking to The Better India, Ratheesh explains that skatocross is not meant to be as a private commuting vehicle. Rather it hopes to create a category of motorsport exclusively for skatocross.

Ratheesh started working on this project in his final year of engineering. It was a technical paper that developed into a project. Once the product was built, Ratheesh realised its full potential, something that could revolutionise motorsports like no other.

Right now, Ratheesh wants to concentrate on B2B and B2C segments. For B2B segments, Ratheesh explains that the skatocross can be used in amusement parks, not unlike go-karts.

People can pay a certain amount of money, for the experience.

As for B2C requirements, he wants to have dedicated teams, i.e students coming from colleges, making their machines, and organising competitive racing. To enable this, Ratheesh will provide the technology, and give the students the chance to build their own versions.

Skatocross is really easy to ride and control. The hand-held module, which helps you accelerate and slow down, is not rigid. Connected by wire, it is flexible, allowing for freedom of movement.

The skatocross, is sure to cause quite a stir. Picture Courtesy VIVRT motors.
The skatocross, is sure to cause quite a stir. Picture Courtesy VIVRT motors.

The prototype has a vertical pole attached to it, that helps as a learning aid. However Ratheesh claims that the concept has developed, so the learning curve has become smaller. So, production models will not have the curve.

The skatocross suspension is quite sturdy and can work on-road and off-road also. Right now, the suspension is effective, with good travel. It can absorb small bumps and road irregularities with ease.

The skatocross machine can be put to any use, explains Ratheesh, when asked what future potential he sees in the machine.

Once the product is out in the market, the way, the public uses it may vary from place to place.

Technical specifications:-

So, what exactly goes into a skatocross?

An electric motor, powerful and efficient, with zero emissions. A lightweight yet strong frame, and burly tyres, capable both on the road and off it. There will be a hand-held remote control, allowing you to steer the vehicle in the direction you wish. There is also ample suspension, to make sure you have a smooth ride!

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Ratheesh is excited about the prospects of this hybrid motorcycle-skateboard machine. He realises that it has immense potential, and cannot wait to leverage it in interesting ways. Apart from the motorsport dream, Ratheesh hopes this invention will captivate hearts and minds. Well, if the photos and the video are anything to go by, the skatocross looks like an interesting addition to any garage!

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