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In a Scene Straight out of a Movie, U.P. Cops Help Runaway Couple Get Married

The U.P. police decided to step in to help the lovers.


Couples who get married against their parent’s wishes often face dire consequences. There have been many instances of family members playing judge, jury and executioner; ill-treating, torturing, and in many cases, killing the couple involved. Whether caste, money or anything else plays a role, is anyone’s guess.

However, this time, the Uttar Pradesh police stepped in, to ensure this couple had a good ‘happily ever after.’

The U.P Police helped the couple get married, in the police station! Representative image only. Image Courtesy: PXHere.
The U.P Police helped the couple get married, in the police station! Representative image only. Image Courtesy: PXHere.

Vinay Kumar and Neha Verma, both from U.P, were in a relationship for a long time but their families were absolutely opposed to the idea of them getting married, and refused to budge. So, the couple did what they had to—they went missing together.

The hassled family members approached the Mohammadpur Khala Police Station, to register a report and take the help of the cops. However, upon investigating the case, the cops found out that the duo were adults, who were in love and wanted to get married. They then arranged the wedding in the police premises itself, with the consent of both the bride’s and groom’s families, and made sure that the couple was married off with the appropriate pomp and splendour!

Digambar Khushwaha, the Additional Superintendent of Police, told ANI, that the couple was missing for two days. The distraught parents had come to the police station, to register a report. Upon investigation, they found out Vinay and Neha’s story, and as they were both consenting adults, the cops decided to arrange the wedding.

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In India, where marriages get disrupted due to parental pressure, it is indeed heartening to see the cops step in, playing their role of law-enforcers and helping the couple script an interesting love-story!

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