This Loco Pilot Pulled the Emergency Brake in Assam to Save a Very Important Life

The train had left Silghat, Assam, and was on its way to the next station, when crew members noticed an unusual movement on the tracks.

On March 23rd, 2018, train number 75730 from Silghat to Guwahati in Assam, pulled its emergency brakes. The reason? To save the life of an elephant that had wandered onto the tracks.

The train, which had recently left Silghat, Assam, was on its way to the next station when crew members noticed that an elephant had wandered onto the tracks, and was a mere 65 metres from the locomotive.

There was no time to lose.

Loco pilot, Kanak Chandra Nath, quickly applied the emergency brakes, and the train came to a halt just 25 metres away from the tusker, according to a report by the Northeast Today.

What made this action incredibly impressive was the presence of mind of all the crew members, comprising of Loco Pilot Kanak Chandra Nath, Assistant Loco Pilot Ravi Ranjan Kumar, and Guard Arun Rabha. The area was not noted as an elephant hotspot, according to a report by The Telegraph India.

However, although the elephant’s life was saved, he attacked the train, resulting in a tusk injury. Painkillers and medication were administered, and the pachyderm is now on its way to recovery!

Many elephants have been rescued from peril, thanks to several individuals who took care to guide these animals to safety.

Image for representational purposes only. Source: Flickr

In another story covered by The Better India, forest officials took kindness to animals to another level.

Officials used information from a central monitoring system to track where the elephant had come from and used unconventional techniques to lead it back home. You can read more about it here.

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