Displaying Exemplary Honesty, RPF Constable Returns Bag with Jewellery Worth Lakhs!

The honest RPF constable ensured the worried passenger got his bag full of valuables back. Image Courtesy: Twitter

It was just another day for RPF constable Rao, till he stumbled upon an unclaimed bag on the platform.

According to a Ministry of Railways tweet, an unattended bag was found by an RPF constable and returned to its rightful owner. The tweet did not mention the name of the station where this occurred. This is how the story unfolded.


A man in India, seemingly one among millions using the train network every day, forgot his bag on a railway station platform. This is nothing new, as people lose luggage quite often, but in this case, the bag contained expensive valuables.

That bag would have sat there, unnoticed and innocuous because no one usually notices unattended luggage unless it sits there a long time. When the man left his bag, is not known, but on March 10, 2018, his luck changed for the better.

An alert RPF Constable Shri Shanker Rao found the bag on the platform and reported it to Shri DA More, the superintendent on duty at the station.

The bag, found by the RPF constable, contained valuable jewellery. Image Courtesy: Twitter.
The bag, found by the RPF constable, contained valuable jewellery. Image Courtesy: Twitter.

Upon investigation by the RPF and the GRP (Government Railway Police) valuable jewellery worth around Rs 4 lakh, was found in the bag. This would have been quite the revelation to the authorities, even though valuables have been found—and returned to their rightful owners before.

However, Rao and More didn’t think twice. They traced the owner of the bag, using a mobile phone which was found inside the bag itself.

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It is tough, to think straight when presented with opportunities like these. The RPF constable would have known what to do, but that brief moment of hesitation always occurs. As for the man who lost the bag, he surely would have breathed a sigh of relief after being contacted by the police!

Featured image courtesy: Twitter.

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