Mirakle Couriers: Career Haven for the Deaf

Mirakle Couriers: Career Haven for the Deaf


We hear a lot about corporate social responsibility where companies contribute to the welfare of the society. But here is an organization where social responsibility is not just a residue of its profits, but the core purpose that guides its existence. Mirakle Couriers was born with a business idea that will support the livelihood of deaf adults.

There is no charity here, it is business, it is employment for the deaf. Mirakle simply touched the biggest pain point in the lives of the disabled, their employment. Their talents are all hidden and forgotten. The possibility of them being able to do something is never given a thought and we have them excluded from the mainstream. Moved by this very stigma, Dhruv Lakra founded Mirakle Couriers and invested his trust on the abilities of the deaf.

Based out of Mumbai, this organization started off with just two deaf boys in their team. Now the team has grown to 35 boys and 15 girls. The boys are entrusted with the responsibility of delivering the couriers while the girls work at the office. The employees at Mirakle have come in from different backgrounds and have stories to share that will tear our hearts apart. Abusive families, exploiting work environments, seclusion and what not. But their lives have changed. They are today earning members of their families. They are respected, independent and they love the job they are doing.

Bhupesh, an employee at Mirakle who has suffered a horrific past says: “I asked a deaf friend if he could help me find a job. He took me to meet Dhruv. Now that I am at Mirakle, I can finally feed my brother and myself. I give thanks to my God everyday for this opportunity. I am the only deaf person in my whole village and I have no friends. Life is stressing there. Mirakle provides me with friends who are all deaf like me. I can finally talk to someone like me, share a joke and just enjoy life.”

The biggest success of Mirakle Couriers lies in being able to give a respectable livelihood to the deaf. Mirakle goes to schools for the deaf to hire its people. The word about the opportunity at Mirakle has spread among the deaf with more and more people coming to join in. This unique people force is bringing success to the business which in return is spreading silent smiles of happiness.

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You could help Mirakle Couriers by urging your company to use the services of this novel initiative. Know more about them at http://www.miraklecouriers.com/. Also, read their blog http://miraklecouriers.wordpress.com/.

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