Video: Want to Spread Gender Equality? Here’s Why I Work With Children For That

"The idea of being cruel to another person just because she is a female perturbs my inner core," says Joy.

Project Kissa Kahani used games, storytelling, and art to learn how gender affects the lives of young people in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Through storytelling, youth described their childhood, important memories, and hopes for the future. Their stories demonstrated that young people are acutely aware of gender inequality. Surprisingly, many adolescent boys were aware of how adolescent girls suffer. They also recognised the unfairness of gender inequality.

In this video, Joy examines his understanding of gender inequality.

He has experienced gender equality in his own life. He points to the examples set by his mother and father – working parents who often divided household responsibilities.

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But, his positive personal experience limited his awareness of larger social problems. In his story, Joy consults his sister, asking how her gender limited her. His sister responds positively, crediting their parents for her sense of self. Yet Joy knows their experience is unique. He and his sister recall how a friend was given less food than her brother because of her gender.

“The idea of being cruel to another person just because she is a female perturbs my inner core,” says Joy.

Joy’s story calls on us to question gender norms. It also shows how young people can be important forces for engendering change.

As Joy points out, community leaders and organizations such as Project KHEL, a Kissa Kahani partner, can help young people envision a gender equitable future.

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