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School Teacher starting an Orphanage

School Teacher starting an Orphanage

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In spite of meagre earnings, a school teacher, Jascinth, has started an orphange for 15 children in the little-known town of Palayamkottai. The idea was founded when one of her students lost her parents and Jascinth decided to care for her. Seeing this, some other orphans requested Jascinth to help them out and thus was born an orphanage for all these children .

V Krithiga writes in this article at

In a world where human compassion is fast becoming a rare commodity, here a school teacher in Palayamkottai is nurturing 14 orphan and semi-orphan (either father or mother dead) girls for the last two years with her meager earnings.

Jascinth spreads around Rs. 500 on the welfare of these girls. This is in spite of her having the job of a school teacher which doesn’t provide for a luxurious pay package. For us, the inspirational part, and more importantly, the learning, is that you don’t need to wait for that million dollar package to start providing for the lesser privileged. Simple acts of compassion, done one step at a time, can do wonders to our soceity. Hats off to Jascinth for her act of helping these children!

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Credit: Link to this article was provided by Sunil Vijendra. Thanks!

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