Video: This Arab Man Reveals Just How Big a Role India Has in the UAE!

With millions of Indians living in the UAE, this Arab man tells us exactly why India has such a prominent role in the UAE!

India and the United Arab Emirates have had a long-standing connection. From the millions of Indians who have migrated to the country, to the impact that India has had on the economy of the country, and vice-versa, the India-UAE connect cannot be denied!

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Khalid Al Ameri, an Arab based in Abu Dhabi, has paid tribute to the influence of India on the culture of the country, which is hilariously titled, “How Indian is the UAE?”

The artist, whose videos have crossed millions of views, brings to light the everlasting bond between the two countries.

So, just how Indian is the UAE? Find out by watching the video below!

Featured image courtesy: Facebook

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