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Red Rice - A Healthy Himalayan Variety

Grown in the pristine Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, red rice is an native variety that needs to be a staple for you. Anthocyanin in the grains give the rice this beautiful colour. Packed with antioxidants, fibres and magnesium, red rice is known to control blood sugar, regulate asthma and also helps digestion.

Black Rice - A Superfood in Disguise

The same pigment in red rice gives black rice it’s iconic colour. The only difference is the amount of anthocyanin - it is in much a higher quantity in black rice. High on protein content (9 gm for every 100 gm of the rice), this variety is perfect for your regular recipes as well as occasional special meals. It is also rich in antioxidants, iron (6% of the ideal daily intake) and carotenoids.

There’s So Much More to Explore

The nutty tasting elephant rice, vitamin-packed Samba rice and diabetic-friendly rice varieties - we have so much more to offer! Each rice variety promises to up the nutrition value of your food. Choose the rice that best suits your need and serve a plate of aroma, health and love.

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