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Light Weight & Easy To Use

All kits come with instruction manuals on how to compost waste and can easily be used and moved around by all age groups.

Designed For Small Families & Tight Spaces

These lightweight composters make home composting a breeze. They are designed for small families of 2 to 3 people or persons living alone. They can handle kitchen waste every day and are modular and easy to shift around. They easily fit into tight spaces like small apartments, balconies and staircases.

Sustainable & Great For Plants

These compost kits have a high water retention capacity, ideal aeration and are anti-fungal - perfect for potting plants. These kits are also long-lasting and highly durable, making it all the more sustainable.

Tell me more about this!

These compost kits take all kinds of organic waste - cooked or uncooked foods, fruits and vegetable peels, tea bags, flowers, etc


These compost kits are airtight and therefore won’t lead to any odour in the house.


These DIY kits will help kickstart a sustainable lifestyle and keep you free from organic waste.

Great For The Planet

These kits convert almost 1kg of kitchen waste every day into nutrient-rich compost.

Daily Dump

This miniature composter is good for people living alone and for households that do not cook much. It can handle about 200gms of kitchen waste every day and is very light and easy to shift around.

Aaditi Stone Soup

For kitchen waste, this organic culture of microorganisms makes composting faster. Simply add it your composter to improve the moisture content of your compost and keep your plants hydrated for longer.

My EcoMart

This Cocopeat mix is enriched with nutrients to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits. A by-product of the coconut industry, this compost mix makes a great alternative to potting soil.

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