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Kirti’s weight loss journey

Kirti, a resident of Bengaluru, went through normal health issues post-pregnancy. She soon realised that her constipation, low energy levels and weakness were exaggerated by her diet. In 2017, when her daughter was two, Kirti decided to go completely vegan.

“I would average around 75 kg before my pregnancy. When I gave up dairy and went completely vegan, my weight gradually dropped to 60 kg and that is my normal now. But that’s not it. My energy levels were high and I became more active. It became evident to me that this diet was doing more for my body than the previous one,” she tells The Better India.

What to expect in the workshop:

Learn to make easy and delicious snacks recipes over the weekend. Snack guilt-free!

  • Rajma dip for those who can’t live without the comfort food but also want to try something new

  • Beetroot hummus to impress your colleagues and guest with your culinary skills (both of these will be served with bread in the workshop)

  • For those who love to begin their mornings with a heavy breakfast, the recipe of red poha

  • The recipe of Buddha Bowl to ensure your lunch is super nutritious and keeps you active throughout the day

  • Millet recipes to keep the calorie count of your snacks low and their nutrition values high

Tell me more about this!

Snacks will add to your nutrition now, not your guilt

Healthy Snacks

The workshop is focused on snack recipes that don’t add to your calorie or carbohydrate count


Every dish is curated with grains, sprouts and vegetables that will add to the nutritional value of your meals


Following a plant-based diet herself, Kirti will guide you with recipes that use no dairy, eggs or meat

Expert Guidance

Learn from a woman who gave up meat and animal-based diet over two years ago. She will share what foods worked best for her health

Easy to Follow

These easy-to-make recipes can be replicated regularly so you have healthy, nutritious snacks at home, in college or in your workplace

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