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In Pics: This Award-Winning Vizag Artist’s Paintings Will Show You Nature like Never Before

In Pics: This Award-Winning Vizag Artist’s Paintings Will Show You Nature like Never Before

His paintings are vibrant in their colours and delve into the mystery of nature, influenced strongly by Madhubani art.

Vizag’s Ravi Kattakuri has consistently amazed audiences with his artwork – collections of paintings and drawings that are bright, complex, and influenced by the traditional Madhubani art.

Source: Facebook

Even then, he has added his own elements, telling The Better India, “My work captures dreams, which are colourful, simple and evocative. I also try to capture the spirit of rural and urban India in all its glory.”

His work has been featured in several exhibitions across India, from the Indian Art Festival in Delhi to the Lalit Kala Academy in Chennai. Ravi also became the only Indian invited to the Lakkos International Art and Culture Exchange Programme in Heraklion, Greece!

His art is full of vibrant colours and depictions of nature and human emotions.

“There is a sense of mystery all around in nature in all its beauty and glory. I have tried to capture these aspects in my works.”, Ravi explains.

Here is a look at some of his beautiful work!

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1. This depiction of an Indian woman, which is an amalgamation of colours and shapes

2. A couple in love, intertwined with bright floral patterns, intricate in both design and colour scheme

3. This face, which is surrounded by colourful flowers, homes, and butterflies– characteristic of his style of art

4. This painting, woven with red, speaks for itself, beckoning the viewer to an inner world

5. Women feature prominently in Ravi Kattakuri’s works, as seen in this painting of a woman in the midst of flowers

6. And in this delicate painting which is enthralling in its design

7. This painting depicts friends, incorporating elements of nature, by weaving animals and plants throughout!

8. And finally, this painting contains several elements within, and is titled, “Curiosity”!

For more on Ravi Kattakuri’s work, visit his website:

All paintings courtesy of the artist

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