Can Man And Elephant Co-Exist? Yes, And All You Need Is A Mobile Phone!

When thick dense forests were converted into tea plantations, the change was hard to accept for elephants. This forest is their home and they can't leave it. With humans residing in the area, an unexpected encounter with each other creates chaos. The situation needs a solution and this team has managed to find a simple and effective one. Watch this beautiful and amazingly shot video to know more.

The Valparai district in Tamil Nadu has witnessed 39 deaths in 19 years due to human-elephant conflict. Often when we see reports on such incidents, the flashy headlines like “Man trampled to death by an elephant” catch everyone’s attention and inject feelings of fear and negativity towards the animal.

Elephants have been living in this region for centuries now and humans only for the past 120 years. But in this short span of time for an elephant, they have witnessed drastic changes to their habitats.

As thick rainforests are getting converted into tea plantations, the animals feel confused and scared. In such a situation, any unexpected encounter with humans creates chaos which sometimes leads to larger destruction and loss of life. Also, humans fear for their safety, a legitimate concern, and in such encounters they panic and eventually end up hurting themselves or the pachyderms.

So, how do we resolve this issue? This team from Nature Conservation Foundation has figured out an effective and simple solution to this problem.

Watch this amazing and powerful video to know how the human-elephant conflict was solved with two simple ideas using the ubiquitous mobile phone!

The video was first published by Evanescence Studios here.

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