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Thanks To This School Girl’s #Innovation, You Can Now Know When Your Landline Phone Goes ‘Dead’!


When most students of her age are busy talking on the phone, she has come up with an idea to improve the device. Nidhi Gupta invented a dead landline phone indicator that notifies you the moment your phone goes “dead”. This 16-year old loves physics and plans to make many such innovations in the future. Read more about her.

When Nidhi Gupta missed out on a very important communication due to a dead landline phone, she decided to solve the issue and invent a device that could notify whenever the phone goes ‘dead’.

When most students of her age are not even aware of how the telephone exactly works, she came up with an instrument that could enhance the use of the machine.


nidhi gupta

Often when a landline phone becomes ‘dead’, we don’t realize this and it is only after a couple of hours that we get to know about it. The device invented by Gupta will indicate with a beep or a flash of light whenever the phone goes  ‘dead’.

“There were many instances when the landline went out of order and we got to know about it after a long time. As there was construction going on near our house, the problem occured very frequently and I thought to come up with a solution so that we could file a complaint as soon as the phone became ‘dead’,” Gupta says.


As she was thinking to design a device that could solve the issue, she figured out that she didn’t have enough resources to convert her idea into a working model. She needed expert advice and to her delight, National Innovation Foundation visited her school during that time.

A student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad, Gupta grabbed the opportunity with both hands and submitted the idea of ‘Dead Landline Phone Indicator’ for NIF-India’s IGNITE competition.

Her idea was selected and she got a push to convert the idea into something tangible that could be useful to many people. “But I did not have enough experience and resources to prepare a full working model. It required some expensive and high-class circuitry which I didn’t have access to,” she says.

Nidhi Gupta was one of the 26 young innovators selected by NIF for IGNITE awards.

Hence, she forwarded her idea to NIF officials who prepared the dead phone indicator prototype for her. The process took three months and now the working prototype is ready and fully functional.

I would like to enhance the model and work a little more on it before actually launching it in the market. It is a long process,” she says.

A self-proclaimed challenge lover, Gupta loves to experiment and study science. A physics enthusiast, she wants to join IIT and become a computer science engineer. “The computer is something that fascinates me. I can spend hours on it learning new things,” she says. Apart from her inclination towards science, she enjoys reading, painting, dancing and swimming. She is also fond of many adventure and computer games and spends most of her free time playing them.


“Understanding concepts is the best way to learn a subject, especially science, and that is why I keep learning and experimenting,” she says.

She has been awarded by APJ Abdul Kalam for her creative idea and has also been featured by a broadcast channel for her innovation.

When kids as young as Gupta are coming up with such interesting and impressive innovations, the country sure seems to have a bright future.


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