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Organ Donation Goes Digital: Real-Time Updates on Waiting List Coming Soon!

Jeevasarthakathe has been working on the portal for four months, and it is estimated to be launched in two weeks

Patients awaiting organ donations in Karnataka no longer have to go through the tiresome ordeal of continually asking for updates about their status on the waiting lists. All this, thanks to Jeevasarthakathe.

Jeevasarthakathe is a nodal body for organ donations in Karnataka. In about two weeks time, it is set to launch a website that will help able patients to track their status on waiting lists in real time! The website is being launched with a vision to ease the anxiety of patients waiting for their status update on waiting lists, and also to facilitate transparency with regards to the same.

The team of Jeevasarthakathe has collaborated with the National Informatics Centre and has been working on the portal for the past four years.

Representative images. Sources: Unsplash/ Unsplash


According to the Times of India, more than 3000 patients have registered with Jeevasarthakathe and are awaiting organ donation. A few kidney patients have been on the waiting list for over a decade!

Dr Kishore Phadke, the convener of Jeevasarthakathe, told TOI, “This facility will be launched shortly and will make a lot of difference. Each transplant centre (hospital) can see the status of the waiting list for their patients.”

The website will aid patients and their kin in multiple ways.

Firstly, they will be updated about their status on the waiting list and will not have to contact hospitals regularly.

Image for representational purposes. Source: Pixabay

This will also help them manage their finances, and patients who travel from different cities to transplant centres will have ample time to make arrangements.

Manjula KU, the chief transplant co-ordinator of Jeevasarthakathe said, “Each registered patient will be given a user ID and password. The hospital can assist patients in this regard.”

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A 32-year-old patient who is currently on dialysis told TOI about the torment patients have to go through while waiting for their turn on the waiting list. “I call the office often, and it is not easy to check whether anyone has been declared brain dead and if I’d be getting his or her organ. Psychologically, it affects the patient. It’s good if an online system helps me with the update.”

Dr Sankaran Sundar, a nephrologist from Manipal Hospital said, “The website should ideally maintain two waiting lists, a hospital list and a list of the general pool. This should have come long ago to aid many patients. This is the model accepted in Tamil Nadu. It can make a lot of difference.”

Featured image for representation purposes. Sources: Pixabay/ Flickr.

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