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Delhi Girls Fight Back; Chase Down Snatcher and Get Him Arrested!

sisters mobile snatcher Delhi

The girls’ bravery was lauded by the senior police officials, who also revealed that the snatcher was a repeat offender.

Snatchers in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk will think twice the next time they are on the run in Old Delhi’s oldest and busiest market.

And all of this thanks to the effort of two techie sisters, who became an outstanding example of courage – when they chased down a mobile snatcher and handed him over to the police.

sisters mobile snatcher Delhi
Source: Facebook/(L) Trisha Acharya (R) Arushi Acharya

Trisha and Arushi Acharya, who are both software engineers, have lived outside Delhi for some years – for higher studies and professional commitments. The sisters came down to Delhi for Trisha’s wedding, which is due in a few days.

The siblings were out in the busy market of Chandni Chowk shopping for Trisha’s wedding and entered Parathewali gali around 7 pm.

At the time, Arushi felt a hand trying to pull her phone from her pocket and became alert, Trisha told the Times of India.

It wasn’t long until Trisha felt someone doing the same to her. Before she could react to the hand sliding into her jacket pocket for her phone, the snatcher already caught hold of it and started sprinting.

“I tried to hold it back, but he snatched it and started running. For a minute I couldn’t register what was happening, but my sister started screaming…Both of us started running behind the man in the narrow lanes and kept screaming chor-chor. Others also gathered and started running after him too. After chasing him for a few meters, we managed to catch hold of him and I slapped him twice,” Trisha told TOI.

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Both women were pushed by the snatcher but did not give up. A patrolling cop in the vicinity was alerted by the pandemonium and rushed to their rescue.

The girls’ bravery was lauded by the senior police officials, who also revealed that the snatcher was a repeat offender.

We salute the girls for their display of courage and quick action. We hope this incident makes offenders aware that no matter what kind of dangerous situations you put them in, our women are ready to fight back and they will!

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