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Two Birds with One Stone: Now Use Agro-Waste to Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Students of MG Science college in Ahmedabad have found what seems to be an excellent alternative to the issue of agro waste burning.

Remember how Delhi had become a gas chamber right after Diwali? Part of the reason was the burning of agro by-products in Haryana and Punjab, as there isn’t a practical solution to dispose of agro waste.

However, first-year students of MG Science college in Ahmedabad have found what seems to be an excellent alternative to this issue. Guided by their professor Mrugesh Shukla, they learnt how to grow mushrooms out of agro waste.

After experimenting for the past one month, they organised a one-day seminar-cum-workshop and spread their knowledge to students of other colleges, reports DNA.

The students produced compost and mushrooms through the degradation of waste, which was mostly sugarcane and wheat.

Source: Karen Neoh/Flickr

Then they transferred it into a recyclable plastic bag. After two weeks the fertiliser was ready. In another 25 days, the mushrooms had grown.

Here’s how they did it:

1. They took rice, wheat and sugarcane barn and chopped them into small pieces.

2. Then they added water to it.

3. The ingredients were then put into a recyclable plastic bag. This was left to ferment for two weeks.

4. When it turned into fertiliser, they provided water and air.

5. After two weeks, it had edible mushrooms growing out of it.

“This is the right season to grow mushrooms as one doesn’t have to maintain temperature. While growing it, the bag must be kept away from direct sunlight. This is the easiest method, which farmers can quickly learn,” Krishna Pandya, one of the trainers, told DNA.

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