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Desi Robocop: Hyderabad Startup Develops a Robot to Assist the Police!

The robot is well versed with policing processes as well as the Indian Penal Code

A Hyderabad-based start-up called H-BOTS has developed a robot that can assist police officers in their duties, and help civilians as well. The makers claim that this five-foot-four-inch robot is the first of its kind in the world, and can register complaints and record audio-video clips.

The robot has adequate information about policing work, regulation of traffic and details on the Indian Penal Code. “On topics, it is not familiar with; the robot will collect info from Wikipedia or Google and reply to the queries,” Kisshhan, the CEO of H-BOTS, told The Hindu.

Made of nylon-plastic, the robot was launched by Jayesh Ranjan, the secretary of Telangana Information Technology. The material the robot is made with is said to have ten times the strength of regular plastic.

The robot has a multi-touch screen and ultrasonic, proximity and temperature sensors. It is also built with the capacity of working round the clock.

It is developed with the ability to identify suspects, detect metals, monitor temperatures and try to stop thefts.

Image source: Pixabay

“It recognises voice and can presently interact in English. Shortly, it will recognise Telugu and Hindi too,” Kisshhan said.

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The makers have said that this robot can be an example of technology advancements in Indian policing. At present, the robot is not a complete police person but can be utilised to assist civilians in public places such as malls, railway stations, streets, and airports. In case someone tries to meddle with it, the robot also has a police siren that it sets off if it senses danger.

Eventually, with further advancements, it can be utilised to register police complaints.

Representative featured image. Source: Unsplash. Inset image source.

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