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Dump the Plastic Straw! Here are Some Alternatives to the Environmental Hazard

Plastic straws are useful for a few minutes but pose a threat to the environment for years. Here are some biodegradable options to the plastic problem.

Dump the Plastic Straw! Here are Some Alternatives to the Environmental Hazard

It is incredibly unfortunate to see how straws have become a menace all around the globe. Extensive use of this thin plastic tube on an everyday basis has resulted in them becoming an environmental hazard.

One example of the terrible impact of straws on the environment was a video filmed in Costa Rica where an endangered turtle got a 10-12 cm plastic straw stuck in it. The video became viral and triggered marine biologists and environmentalists to campaign against the troublesome tube.

ReefWatch is a non-profit organisation based in Port Blair which has introduced this campaign, named the Last Straw Campaign, in India.

Restaurants and bars use straws extensively, and the campaign has managed to sign on some restaurants in Mumbai and Chennai. The restaurants have pledged to #RefuseTheStraw and abandoned the use of straws for good.

Nayantara Jain, the Executive Director of ReefWatch Marine Conservation, told The Hindu, “How absurd it is that something we use for less than ten minutes before throwing it away goes on to poison our planet for tens of thousands of years. Plastic has become so entrenched in our way of life that it is a gargantuan task to imagine our existence without it—but we can start with small steps.”

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Since straws have become such a convenient utility in our lives, a few manufacturers are making them with biodegradable material. These straws are of food-grade quality, fantastic non-plastic alternatives, safe, and do not leach harmful chemicals.

Here are the companies that manufacture eco-friendly straws:

1. Pappco India

Image courtesy: Pappco India.

Pappco sells paper straws that are produced in India and are non-toxic since they don’t use any ink. These straws promise to be entirely safe for use while also being safe for the environment. Paper decomposes faster than plastic and so, recycling them is much quicker too. Pappco also produces biodegradable and disposable spoons, forks, knives and cups. These can be used in restaurants without causing an environmental hazard.

Check out their products here.

2. Bamboo India

Bamboo and paper straws by Bamboo India

As the name suggests, Bamboo India makes reusable straws using bamboo. They also manufacture disposable paper straws that come in an aesthetic design resembling bamboo shoots. Not only do the straws look appealing in glasses, but Bamboo India also promises all their products to be below MRP!

Check out their products here.

3. Shunya

Biodegradable straws by Shunya

Shunya is an initiative by a brother-sister duo who were on a mission to make human products more environmentally friendly. Shunya makes use-and-throw recyclable paper straws as well as reusable bamboo straws. They have a range of other products too, like toothbrush, that is typically discarded after their optimum use, and are a threat to the environment.

To shop for such eco-friendly products, visit Shunya.

4. Eco-Products

Environmentally friendly plastic straws by Eco Products

Eco-products manufacture straws that are compostable. These straws are made of Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic, which is made from plant-based renewable sources such as corn starch etc. Since the plastic is made from plant residue, it is easily degradable and doesn’t harm the environment.

Shop for their products here

You can even shop for eco-friendly straws by other manufacturers online on Amazon and India Mart.

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