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Tycoon Funds Wedding of Hundreds of Women in Surat on Christmas Eve


Mahesh Savani, a real estate tycoon, hosted a mass wedding ceremony in Surat for more than 250 couples on Christmas Eve. There were Hindu couples as well five Muslim and a Christian couple. Two of the brides were HIV positive.

The ceremony saw scores of brides dressed in colourful clothes ready to start a new life, thanks to Mahesh’s generosity.

Since 2012, Mahesh has helped brides who have lost their father or did not have the financial capacity to organise a wedding.

Picture for representation only. Source: Vikram Vetrivel/Flickr

He takes the responsibility of funding and arranging the ceremony. Apart from that, he also gifts them gold and silver ornaments and household items—spending close to ₹5 lakh on them.


He also acts as the parent and does Kanyadaan—a ritual where the father gives away his daughter. However, his job doesn’t end there. He doesn’t want to just marry them off. He also makes sure they lead a comfortable like after that as well. Even after the wedding, he takes care of the maternity costs and schooling for children of the couple.

Since he started, he has helped 969 women get married. Mahesh has two sons but really wanted a daughter. This is why he does what he does, and it gives him immense happiness to see these women happy. He says they are like his daughters and he is like a foster father to them.

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