How 12-Year-Old Bhim Yadav’s Quick Actions Saved Hundreds of Lives

The Railways has decided to build concrete walls to keep tracks clean. Representative image only.

Reports suggest that the death toll in India from the derailment of trains in 2016-17 is the highest it has been in 10 years

Bhim Yadav, a student of Grade 5 from Mangalpur in Bihar is the boy-of-the-moment. This young lad’s quick thinking has ensured the safety of several passengers. Bhim was on his way to some orchards when he noticed a broken railway track on the Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj railway line.

Without losing any time, and in a scene straight out of a film, he removed his red-coloured shirt and started waving it around frantically to catch the attention of the train driver. While the driver seemed clueless initially, the relentlessness of Bhim was what ensured that the driver applied the emergency brakes to check on what had happened.

Praise and accolades have been pouring in from all quarters for this young boy, who is basking in all the appreciation. He is also being called their very own ‘Chota Bheem’.

“That is indeed a brave act. We are going to reward him for his bravery, which saved the lives of passengers. The reward could be in the form of cash or citation. We are still deciding it but one thing is sure, he is going to be rewarded,” the local district education officer Harendra Jha told the Gulf News.

“I love studying and want to get a good job after completing my study. Mathematics and science are my favourite subjects, but my parents are poor to arrange for my study materials,” reported The Bihar Post.

Bhim has always been fascinated by tales of courage and valour and his inspiration have been the many kids in his village who have time and again displayed this courage.

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“Once I had visited a relative in the nearby village where the people were talking about a bravery of a boy. I too wanted to do something so that the society could discuss me as well. I am happy to save the lives of the passengers,” as reported in India Today.

Reports suggest that the death toll in India from the derailment of trains in 2016-17 is the highest it has been in 10 years. At such a time, an act of this kind brings a lot of hope. While this brings the focus back on improving the existing infrastructure and maintaining them in good shape, we must commend the brave act done by Bhim.

Here’s hoping many others draw inspiration from this act.

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