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Pune Citizens Can Now Help Cops Rehabilitate Child Beggars; Here’s What You Can Do

You can take very simple measures to help these children secure a better, brighter future.

It is distressing to see children begging on streets—they are made to beg, in harsh weather conditions, for over 12 hours every day. Seldom do these kids get satisfying meals and usually, the money they earn is handed over to someone else.

Cops in Pune had been receiving emails and handwritten letters from citizens complaining about the plight of child beggars in the city. In a bid to eradicate, or at least minimise this issue, they are now seeking help from the citizens. Using social media, citizens can how help police track these children better.

The Pune police urge citizens to click a picture of the child beggars and post it on Twitter.

The citizens require to add the location, date and time with the photo, along with the hashtag #WeAreTogether.

Source: Twitter

This will also help the cops keep a track of these children and map out any patterns.

Sanjay Nikam, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime 2) spoke to Pune Mirror about how citizen participation will help the police. “Very often, what happens is that once we go to the spot to raid and catch one of them or make a run for any, they all tend to flee. These raids aim to rehabilitate the children and hope that they can be educated enough to earn a decent living for themselves when they grow up. A child beggar is also a form of child labour, which is against the law.”

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Last year, the Pune police successfully took around 34 children begging in different areas, off the streets, and this year, the number was 21. The police are optimistic about active citizen participation helping them resolve this issue quicker.

They aim to educate children, ensure better living conditions for them, to secure their future.

Representative image. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some non-profit organisations also work in the city to rehabilitate beggars, educate children and ensure they have nutritious meals. Here is a list of some of these organizations you can contact if you want to help children in Pune:

  • If you know a child who is forced to beg, call: Mrinmayee Kolape.
  • To ensure education and improving health conditions for these children, contact ROSHNI.
  • For child helpline and education of children, Contact Dnyana Devi.
  • For child and women education, contact Swadhar.
  • To ensure education for children, contact Door Step School.
Featured image sources: Pixabay/ Twitter

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