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Stationary Company Has the Perfect Answer to a Left-Handed Girl’s Dilemma

Stationary Company Has the Perfect Answer to a Left-Handed Girl’s Dilemma

Shweta Singh was concerned about her left-handed daughter.

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For 4-year-old Isha, a very typical activity like writing requires some effort. This is because she is a left-handed child, in a majorly right-handed world. A menial task like sharpening her pencil brought this to her mother’s attention.

The stationery that we usually use is designed in a way to minimise our efforts while optimising the efficiency of the product. However, for left-handed people, this isn’t so. Objects like a computer mouse, scissors, and sharpeners pose more problems than solutions. Shweta Singh realised this when her daughter Isha complained about how other kids could use sharpeners easily, while she struggled with them.

In her Facebook post, Shweta says,

“I thought realised that the sharpeners available in the market are manufactured for the right-handed people. It is challenging for a four-year-old left-handed kid to use it.”

Of course, sharpeners are not the only piece of stationery that demands more efforts from left-handers. “Using scissors is difficult,” says Shweta, when asked about other challenges her daughter faces, as a left-hander. “Writing on spiral books hurts their hands.”

Stationery customised for left-handed people is available online but comes at a very high price. That’s when Shweta decided to write to stationery manufacturers about the challenges of using regular sharpeners and sought help for her daughter.

“I wrote this letter to multiple stationery brands in an anticipation that they would consider this request. Thankfully Hindustan pencils was prompt in doing so”, says Shweta.

Hindustan pencils replied to Shweta’s letters and gave a sample of five sharpeners designed for left-handed users. They even assured her that they are now working on a regular production of stationery for left-handers.

Featured image sources: Facebook/ Flickr.

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