New Life, New Beginning: New Born Daughter of a 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Gets Adopted

A couple from Maharashtra found the baby on the Central Adoption Resource Authority’s website, and decided to adopt her.

The case of a 10-year-old rape victim from Chandigarh, impregnated by her uncle, had shocked the nation earlier this year, and also made international headlines. While her parents petitioned for her to be allowed to have an abortion, the Supreme Court rejected the plea since her pregnancy was discovered when she was 30 weeks pregnant, and the abortion would have put her life in danger.

Both the uncles of the girl were sentenced to life imprisonment by a fast-track trial in a special court when they were found guilty.

The police were claiming that the elder uncle had impregnated the child, but a DNA test revealed that in fact, the younger one was the father of the then unborn child.

Picture for representation purpose. Source: Pixabay

On 17 August, the victim gave birth to a baby girl. According to a report by The Hindu, the father of the rape-victim has requested the hospital to keep the pregnancy a secret from the mother, and also asked them to hand over the baby for adoption.

A couple from Maharashtra has now adopted the toddler and promised her a new, loving life. The couple found the baby on the Central Adoption Resource Authority’s website, and it carried all the necessary details of the baby.

The details of the couple are not revealed under a confidentiality clause and also to ensure security to the new-born. However, Hindustan Times reports that the baby has been adopted by a caring and well-to-do family.

While the paperwork to complete the adoption process is still underway, Sangeeta Vardhan, the chairman of the Child Welfare Committee says that the pre-adoption undertaking has been signed and formalities have been completed. She also laid to rest the rumours of a foreign couple adopting the baby.

This is certainly a fresh turn in the life of the newborn. We hope it brings a positive change in the life of its mother as well.

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