High Court Backs Anguished Dad, Ensures Dyslexic Son Gets the Education He Needs

The student's father moved Calcutta High Court for his son's sake.

Sankalpa Das, a student of Class 11, in K.V Ballygunge, Kolkata, was barred from appearing for the CBSE exam and his parents were informed that Sankalpa’s name had been struck off the rolls on the grounds of shortage of attendance.

The parents had moved Calcutta High Court after the school authorities refused to allow Sankalpa to pursue the subjects of his choice. Sankalpa is dyslexic.

Dyslexia makes reading and learning difficult. Picture for representational purposes only. Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.
Dyslexia makes reading and learning difficult. Picture for representational purposes only.                                Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.

Sankalpa’s father, Debashish Das, told the Times of India, “The problem started over my son’s choice of subjects during his admission to Class 11. Sankalpa had learning disabilities and was asked to take up subjects like English, Hindi, Economics, and History. We realised that he was not able to comprehend and learn some of these subjects.”

His parents then explained the situation to the principal who suggested that Sankalpa take up simple subjects like Home Science, Music, and Painting. She also recommended that they appoint a private tutor for Sankalpa as the school did not have a Home Science teacher.

His parents agreed, but to their surprise, they faced an unexpected setback. In a complete reversal of their earlier decision, the school authorities informed them that they could not allow Sankalpa to enrol for the above mentioned ‘easy’ subjects and he could fill up the registration form for the CBSE Class 12 board only if he took up regular subjects like the rest of the students.

After his parents approached the Calcutta high court, it ordered the school to allow Sankalpa to rejoin Class 11, and pursue the subjects of his choice under the CBSE. The school complied with the decision and permitted Mr Das to complete the readmission formalities.

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Dyslexia is a common learning disorder and needs to be addressed and understood, because the difficulties faced by the people who are dyslexic are involuntary, and they have a healthy desire to learn. Schools, just like society at large, should make an effort to be more inclusive and welcome diversity.

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