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Bennett University Becomes India’s First Private Institute to Get an A.I Supercomputer!

Bennett University Artificial Intelligence. Picture for representative purposes only. Picture Courtesy: Flickr.

The institute's students will benefit from an all new Centre of Excellence.

Graphics chip giant NVIDIA, which is a US-based company, has partnered with Bennett University, located in Greater Noida, NCR, to set up a Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence at the institute’s campus.

This path-breaking move will allow students of the university to work in unimaginably efficient and novel ways, in the realms of science and engineering.

Artificial Intelligence will help budding researchers. Picture for representative purposes only. Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.
Artificial Intelligence will help budding researchers. Picture for representative purposes only.                          Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.

Researchers from fields like computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning and robotics are expected to come together at the centre. It will also include over two dozen faculty members and more than a hundred graduate students who are researching areas such as multi-modal deep learning, and human-compatible A.I.

Dr Yajulu Medury, the vice-chancellor of Bennett University, spoke to the Times of India about this partnership. He said, “Our focus is on smart living and healthcare applications using artificial intelligence, deep learning and data science.”

The Centre of Excellence at is expected to boost research in deep-learning and education on campus. Joint A.I workshops, deep learning techniques and tech talks will be conducted on campus to help students.

For learning, a basic knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, probability, statistics, programming and a computer language are the prerequisites, according to Dr Suneet Tuli, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA, South Asia informed TOI, “The magic of deep learning is that here, the system continues to learn. It is not like traditional software. It keeps on adding features that anyone might be learning and wanting to add. Along with this, we are bringing academic courses tailored specifically to the requirements of Indian students, but with a complete framework, from teaching to evaluation. We will also bring to the table a chance for engineering students to take models and make them applicable to businesses.”

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