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Mumbai Is Going to Ban Plastic, Here’s the Perfect Replacement for the City’s Needs

We hope the BMC comes up with such unique eco-friendly alternatives for plastic and then go forward with the ban.

As per the BMC, the city of Mumbai generates at least 8,000 metric tonnes of garbage every day. And an estimated four percent of that consists of plastics.

Though plastic bags that are thinner than 50 microns had been banned after 26 July 2005, the menace still exists. To curb this, the Maharashtra government had banned plastic water bottles in all starred hotels across the state, which will come into effect from March.

Now, in a bid to take this a step further, it has asked plastic bottle manufacturers and mineral water firms to set up recycling plants for bottles.

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While the plastic bottle manufacturers are in a fix with this condition, we bring you a village which has become a plastic-free zone while providing livelihood to the women here.
About 20 km from Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh lies the Patharkat Mohalla of Vispurpur town. The Patharkats were well known for their stonework, which was the source of their livelihood as well. But about a decade ago this art came to a standstill due to the decrease in demand.
While the men were forced to find other work to earn their daily bread, the women of the house found out a solution to support financially.

The women started making plates out of the Dhak leaves which were locally available.

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The men would get the leaves from the jungle, and the women would weave eco-friendly plates out of it. The entire village now uses these leaves to serve their guests at any occasion, and the women can pitch in some help in the daily expenses.
We hope the BMC comes up with such unique eco-friendly alternatives for plastic and then go forward with the ban. For now, you can visit Patharkat to order for these plates!

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Written by Manabi Katoch

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