Tech Giants Join Hands to Restore Mahadevapura Lake in Bengaluru

Four software mammoths have united to take on the responsibilities of retaining the cleanliness of the 26.23 acre-lake in Bengaluru.

Natural resources in Bengaluru have been affected very strongly by rapid industrialisation and urbanisation. As the city’s concrete fangs grow deeper and stronger, the environment struggles to survive.

Lakes in Bengaluru have been the most prominent victims of such quick industrialisation.

Industries dumping sewage in lakes have had strong repercussions on the water bodies.

But now, in a rare turnaround, four software mammoths have united to take on the responsibilities of retaining the cleanliness of the 26.23 acre-Mahadevapura Lake in Bengaluru.

Mahadevapura Lake. Source: Flickr/Ashwin Kumar

Amazon, Dell, HTC and Mphasis have come together to fund a Sewage Treatment Plant to save Mahadevapura Lake from pollution, water depletion and the resulting consequences on the ecosystem around it.

According to a report by The Hindu, the recent rejuvenation of the lake cost ₹six crore. However, due to the diversion of its inlets, water flowing in to the lake was stopped, leaving the lake to depleted.

The four tech giants have come together to begin the efforts to rejuvenate the Mahadevapura lake anew. Together, they will fund the STP that has the potential to treat one million litres of sewage water.

United Way Bengaluru (UWBe) has successfully coordinated with the tech firms to realize this project. Manish Michael, the CEO of UWBe told The Hindu, “This will compensate for the evaporation and other losses of the lake, and ensure the water levels remain steady.”

If the STP project succeeds, not only will water be restored to the lake, but the move will consequently better the surrounding flora and fauna.

Indeed, ecosystems have a way of restoring themselves when the flow of toxins is broken.

The STP project was launched on Thursday and is expected to be fully functional within five months.

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