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Helmets for All: This Family Is Mourning Their Patriarch in the Best Way Possible

Replacing turbans with helmets for Pagdi Rasam, this family promotes road-safety.

Road-safety is often taken for granted and numerous mishaps occur frequently, but rarely does a lesson get learnt from it.

This time however, things turned out different.

After a 30-year-old community member, Rajesh Raoria, died in a road accident in September, Ramnarayan Tikoliya became even more insistent that all his family members wear helmets while riding motorcycles.

The 99-year-old family patriarch passed away on November 1, 2017, and his family decided to commemorate him by giving the “gift of life”. So after Mundan Sanskar, when the time came for Pagdi Rasam, the family distributed helmets instead of turbans among community members.

Ramnarayan’s grandson Rajesh Kumawat, speaking to the Times of India said, “Through this, we wanted to spread our grandfather’s message that traffic rules are meant for our safety and everyone should follow the law.”

The brainchild behind distributing helmets was Kumawat, who approached his community members to discuss if it was feasible to distribute helmets on the 13th-day rites. The community members, though orthodox in their views, welcomed the idea with open arms.

Helmets are mandatory for bikers. Picture Source : Wikimedia

The police force got involved, and one fine day, in the Musakhedi area of the city, 25 helmets were distributed at the Kumawat home.

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“It is a very thoughtful gesture and people should support it,” said DSP Pradeep Singh Chouhan, who was present on the occasion. “We have been advising motorists to follow traffic rules for their own safety,” he added.

Featured Image Inset Photo Credits: The Times of India.

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