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Macrame: Travelling through time to uplift your walls

The Babylonians (18th - 6th century BC) and Assyrians (25th century - 612 BC) would weave Macrame decor and apparel.

As cross-border trade, the discovery of new lands and invasions became prominent, the art travelled across the globe. It reached the Arab kingdoms and European territories. In the 17th century, Macrame was presented in Queen Mary II’s court and she passed it on to other ladies of her palace.

Interesting to note is the fact that this craft was not limited to women artisans. Sailormen would indulge in the craft of tying knots in decorative fashion in their free time. In fact, this recreation activity helped Macrame travel the world!

More about the awesome organisation that is keeping Macrame alive

Pooja ki Potli is an art community that empowers women artisans through exquisite arts and crafts. The women are trained in the craft of Macrame and receive a respectable livelihood through the sale of their craft. Home decor is made using natural materials like cotton and is completely handcrafted.

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Empowering, eco-friendly and downright gorgeous, Macrame deserves a place in your home


Pooja ki Potli helps women artisans pursue their passion for art & craft while also empowering them financially

Pretty Decor

Macrame is gorgeous! From Queen Mary II in the 17th century to American fashionistas and us - everyone agrees!


These Macrame hangings are handcrafted by tying cotton ropes together in interesting patterns

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