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Packaging That Is Plastic-Free, Reusable & Healthy!

The pickles are packed in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, in glass bottles.

Recipes That Are Good For You

All these pickles are made of ingredients not found in traditional recipes. Ingredients like fenugreek, lotus stem and even karela! These ingredients add to the nutritional value of the product while making it tastier.

Made In Small Quantities With Locally Sourced Ingredients

All ingredients are locally sourced, nutritious and with a low carbon footprint. These pickles are made in small quantities to ensure they are slow-cooked and perfectly simmered for a better flavour.

Tell me more about this!

Have a spoonful of these pickles with your chappatis or rice to complete your meal, or pair it with khakras and chai.


These pickles are completely free of chemicals, preservatives and other harmful additives.


The pickles come in beautiful glass containers that can be reused, reducing our carbon footprint.


These pickles are loaded with vitamins and minerals, essential to balance the body’s nutritional level.


This unique bitter-spicy Karela pickle (bitter gourd) is said to cure a variety of ailments and has anti-ageing properties. Graminway ensures that each bitter gourd used for the product is locally sourced from farmers and hygienically processed.

Nutty Yogi

A favourite from Kashmir, this tangy flavoured pickle is made from locally-sourced lotus stems, spices and mustard oil making it both tasty and healthy. Lotus stems are said to be a great source of Vitamin C, which helps boost the immunity of a person and can also fight viral infections.

Paleo Bay

This keto-friendly probiotic lime pickle is made natural ingredients like fresh lime, Himalayan pink salt, raw turmeric paste, Kashmiri chilli, mustard and fenugreek and cold-pressed sesame oil that are good for health. It also empowers underprivileged women by providing them with employment opportunities.

Pikkle Shikkle

A spoonful of this delightful fenugreek pickle is enough to uplift every meal from ordinary to gourmet. Fenugreek is said to help balance cholesterol levels and can also help with digestion.

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