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These Green Bins in Kozhikode Will Create Manure out of Your Household Waste!

The green bin, which is manufactured by Greenrich Grow India, a Chennai-based organisation, consists of fibre that composts organic waste generated in a household with the help of microbes.

While city corporations across the country have adopted several schemes like pipe compost, biogas plant and even ‘aerobin’ compost to tackle the ever-growing mounds of waste, residents have often found that these schemes fall flat after a while due to the lack of proper enactment or follow-ups. Additionally, the initial enthusiasm displayed by most authorities during the initial period after launching a scheme soon fades away.

This is the reason why when ‘My Green Bin’ was promoted by Green Environ, a non-profit organisation, on the premises of the Kozhikode Corporation on Monday, most people were vary and expected it to pile up on the already growing list of abandoned schemes.

“The problem with most of our previous waste management schemes is that they were subsidised and supported by local bodies. Once the support was gone, the project fell flat,” Pramod Mannadath, who is one of the board members of Green Environ, told The Hindu.

Declaring that the organisation has not sought any subsidies from the Corporation, he also stressed that waste management projects should be looked after in the same way that one would care for an electronic device at home.

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“Unfortunately, people have a careless attitude about them when they get it free of cost. If you pay for it, you will care for it,” he remarked.

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Posted by TheBetterIndia on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The green bin, which is manufactured by Greenrich Grow India, a Chennai-based organisation, consists of fibre that composts organic waste generated in a household with the help of microbes. According to the firm, the fibre bins can decompose anything—from fruit waste to unbelievably even chicken feathers and human hair.

The waste is converted into dry manure that can be extracted after 80 days, while the liquid content is routed to a tank below the bin, without mixing with the dry manure and producing any odour. According to Pramod, the collected liquid compost can be utilised as a pest control and even a toilet cleaner.

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The bins can hold waste for at least 80 days, and have a shelf life of up to 10 years. Green Environ also focuses on catering on a larger scale and designs separate bins that are suited for small and big households, residential and shopping complexes, with the price range falling between ₹2,950 to around ₹2 lakh depending on the size.

The best part is that Green Environs even offers solutions to those who have no use of the waste-processed manure. “We collect the manure and compost tea at the rate of ₹2 and ₹10 per litre respectively. It has a great market,” he added.

You can reach out to Greenrich Grow India here.

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