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An introduction to hydroponics

Hydroponics lets you grow a number of plants in limited floor space. Replacing soil with water circulated through pipes, hydroponics is a convenient method for rooftops as well as indoor spaces. Since the same quantity of water is circulated throughout the day, it also brings down the usage of water by as much as 80-90 per cent! Shijin VS, the facilitator of the workshop will go through the details of how to set up a hydroponics farm and make the most of the space available to you.

What to expect in the workshop:

Shijin VS, an electrical engineer by profession quit his lucrative job to found a startup that focuses on eco-friendly ways of urban farming. Along with his business partner, Amal Mathew started teaching hydroponics to farmers as well as those who are just starting out. In this six hour workshop in Kochi, the duo will go cover:

  • The introduction to re-circulating and non-recirculating types of hydroponic farming
  • Understanding the nutrients that plants need and how to provide them
  • A basic understanding of greenhouse farming
  • Complete hands-on training on hydroponics set up (from sowing to harvesting)
  • Understanding the revenue prospects of urban farming

Tell me more!

Learn to grow organic vegetables at the comfort of your home and never settle for chemical infused food

Good for the Planet

Chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides pollute not only your food but also the earth. Hydroponics is a safer option for both.

Organic Food

We are growing increasingly aware of the ill-effects of chemicals in our food. So let's get clean!

Healthy Cities

Plants in and around our homes are always a good idea. They keep our cities healthy and lush

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