Singing Sea Giants to Forest Spirits: Check out This Goa Based Artist’s Mesmerising World

Singing Sea Giants to Forest Spirits: Check out This Goa Based Artist’s Mesmerising World

Lekshmi Priya S

Shuttling between existentialist views and Grey's Anatomy, Lekshmi has an insanely disturbing habit of binge reading. An ardent lover of animals and plants, she also specializes in cracking terribly sad jokes.

From surrealism to daily objects, it’s amazing what inspires a creator to conjure up a mystical world within his or her artworks.

Just as amazing are the illustrations of Svabhu Kohli, a visual artist based in a tiny village in Goa.

With the natural world playing as his inspiration, the 26-year-old artist remains fascinated with its mechanics—a facet that one keeps finding embedded in each of his works.

Sleeping giants of the Sea. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.

While deeply concerned with the looming threats to the ecology, he also showcases in his art aspirations of the world he wishes to inhabit.

Spending most of his time reading, exploring and studying ecosystems and habitats, Svabhu incorporates his observations into the illustrations, leading viewers to a dream-like trance and sometimes, on a path of finding themselves.

“The plan was always to be creatively involved and expand my thought process by gaining a range of experiences. I want to tell stories, reflect and bring forward my ideas using these tools”, he says.


Enter the beautiful world crafted by Svabhu, and be enthralled with the vivid and intricate detailing that has gone behind the process:

The Turtle Story. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Heart of Gold. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Seals in Seas. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Nordic dreams. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Singing giants of the seas. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
From the forest. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Ocean. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Secret Caves. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Crystal Worlds. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Coexist. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Forest Spirit. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Nudibranch Species. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.
Jungle Dream. Courtesy: Svabhu Kohli.

You can check more of his works on Instagram.

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