Celebrating India’s Diversity, These Stickers Let You Flaunt Your Family in Style!

The Indian Family Sticker took form from the very concept of how families had a certain connect amidst themselves that differentiated them from one another—in a positive way.

Be it a Malayali from South India or a Punjabi in the North, the pride that one carries in his or her upbringing resonates, irrespective of which state or community one belongs to.

With India being a homeland to a multitude of cultures and traditional practices, each community comes its own set of unique idiosyncrasies and habits that have been passed down through generations.

This idea intrigued Bengaluru’s Cherian Kunnath, who grew up in a defence background, where people from all walks of life learnt to live as one community.

The Indian Family Sticker took form from this concept – how families had a certain connect amidst themselves that differentiated them from one another—in a positive way.

A Telugu Family sticker. Courtesy: The Indian Sticker Family.

“A lot of negativity has been circulating off lately with people treating others from different communities with a lot of disdain. My intention was to give a person something he or she could identify with and at the same time wear it with pride without showing anyone else down”, says Cherian, who is a mechanical engineer by profession.

Introducing ‘positive stereotypes’ with a variety of stick figure characters that one could choose from, the venture took flight in 2015 and has become quite popular in a short span of time.

The workforce behind The Indian Family Sticker.

One can pick individual stickers for the number of people in their family, including even pets!

“Most of us have certain stereotypes springing up in our heads when we meet a person from a particular region. I think it’s a default habit amidst us all. These stickers don’t mirror a Kannadiga as seen through the eyes of a Marathi person. These reflect what a Marathi family would love to portray about themselves, even if they are stereotypical,” laughs Cherian.

And all of this came to fruition after interacting with a lot of people hailing from different communities and backgrounds before he could draw a common ground for each family!

A Lawyer’s Family. Courtesy: The Indian Sticker Family.

Maybe it was his love for automobiles and subsequent postgraduate studies in automotive design at Australia that put everything in place.

“In India, one would hardly find cars with interesting stickers, while the practice is quite a rage abroad – that I’d noticed during my time abroad. The idea of our cultural diversity just worked well and here we are today, giving people a chance to display their uniqueness in a caricatured manner,” he adds.

With simple figures, The Indian Family Stickers has made it possible for families to proudly flaunt their heritage, just like badges of honour. But instead of divide, Cherian believes that these stickers intend to celebrate unity in diversity.

But that doesn’t end here!

An interesting line of stickers is prepping up to make way!

A Malayali Family. Courtesy: The Indian Sticker Family.

Collaborating with Bengaluru’s celebrated illustrator Alicia Souza, The Indian Family Stickers will soon showcase colourful stickers with much more detailed illustrations.

Living in times where people are just a trigger away from eliciting communal hatred, the concept put forth by Cherian helps people embrace their uniqueness and respect others’ as well.

To know more about how you can make your own family stickers, click here.

You can reach out to the folks behind The Indian Family Stickers at info@theindianfamilysticker.com or on Facebook.

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