The World of Saptan Stories: When Past & Future Merge to Make a Stunning Present

An insight into the journey so far, the buzz and excitement of the teams involved and the artists' creative processes, inspiration and work spaces.

It’s hard to believe we’re in the final week of Saptan Stories. Saptan began as a unique collaborative arts project developed as part of the UK-India Year of Culture 2017. The project invited people in India to generate a unique story over seven weeks, which then got illustrated by seven standout artists from India and the UK.

Over the last six weeks Saptan saw an incredible response, with thousands of written story lines being submitted by the Indian audiences and some visually stunning responses being developed by the seven artists.

The images below give an insight into the journey so far, the buzz and excitement of the teams involved and the artists’ creative processes, inspiration and work spaces.

Delving into each of these artists’ social media channels provides a window into all their amazing work.

When you start out, every project can seem daunting.

Rendering my first piece for #saptanstories with #aardmananimations #ukindia2017 #britishcouncilindia

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Your cluttered mind looks to declutter your workspace first.

You turn to close friends for much-needed inspiration.

Inspiration takes several shapes and forms.

And inspiration comes in the funniest of places.

This is my 2nd illustration for #SaptanStories, bringing to life the second line that was written by Siddhant Nagrath, a member of the public: “As the moonbeams danced to a heavenly beat upon the silvery water, I gazed to the stars and contemplated my future. It looked bleak on introspection, when out of the water arose an apparition.”. Saptan Stories is a joint project by @inbritish & @aardmananimations, which is a Story, written in 7 parts, over 7 weeks, illustration by 7 Indian and British artists. You can write the next line, search ‘Saptan Stories’ for more info! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 #graphicdesign #illustration #noise #spectre #ghoul #apparition #adobephotoshop #graphicdesigncommunity #designarf #designspiration

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From nothing, erupts a hand, a head, a foot; An entire body.

Hello again! Rainy ☔️ Sunday mornings are best time to sketch. – @morbidillusion #saptanstories #ukindia2017

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Collectively, we run through rings and blazes of fire.

And then the workspace looks a lot more unstructured in its beauty and creativity.

Suddenly, overcoming those demons takes on shapes and sizes that can be put to pen and paper.

Fuzzy pencil lines taking shape for 4th line #saptanstories with @inbritish @aardmananimations

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Guidance arrives from all who believe in us.

The past and the future merge to create the colourful present.

Saptan stories week 5 #wip #workinprogress #illustration #drawing #ink #saptanstories #ukindia2017

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And time flies by.

Art, at the end of the day, is most beautiful when it brings together the collective efforts of many.

Join us in the final week of Saptan Stories to vote on the final line that will inspire the last set of illustrations.

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