One Man’s Story Of Fighting For Dreams, Both For Himself And His Community

Despite many difficulties, Makar SIngh struggles and hopes for a better life for his family and his community in the Himalayas as he sees the younger generation opting for different career opportunities, a higher literacy rate and better road connectivity.

Can you imagine a life without things as basic as electricity, roads and water? These families in Uttarakhand have been living such a life since ages, and continue to do so even today! From lack of employment opportunities to unavailability of educational institutions and non-connectivity to roads, Chamoli District offers a rough life.

The youth take up  jobs that do not reflect their ambitions and skills. There are hardly any opportunities for secured, salaried employment. Despite so many challenges, a young man Makar Singh dreams of a better life for himself and his community.

Watch the inspiring journey of Makar Singh as he returns from Delhi to his small village in Uttarakhand and struggles to get educated and to find employment. In the end, his  strong belief in a brighter future leave us with hope.

This video was first published by lifelines.

Thank you Ross Harrison for sharing this story with us.