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A Fresh Crop to a Cold Drink, What’s Making People Smile Around the Country Today!

A Fresh Crop to a Cold Drink, What’s Making People Smile Around the Country Today!

Sharing smiles of everyday happiness from around the country!

What happened that made you smile today? What happened that made you smile yesterday? What will happen that will make you smile tomorrow?

We all have simple moments that make us smile every day. It could be something as simple as having a delicious meal, being able to share a phone conversation with an old friend or simply being greeted with another smile in the street. A smile can turn your day around completely, it can make a sad day a happy one, and best of all, it’s always free.

Million Smiles is a campaign to share those simple, everyday moments of happiness and joy. A campaign to share a million smiles and positive stories from people around the world. It is an open Facebook community page where anybody can come and upload their photos and images along with a short caption explaining why the person in the photograph is smiling today. 

Here are some of the recent pictures:

I’m smiling because what was an empty field due to drought is now a healthy millet crop almost ready for harvest.

I’m smiling because I’m working to prepare my fields for my next crop.

I’m smiling because I’m sharing my work with a stranger!

I’m smiling because I’m playing my ghatam.

I’m smiling because my vegetables look green, vibrant and healthy.

I’m smiling because I’m enjoying working in our millet field.

I’m smiling because today I have been reunited with my family after 5 years of being lost.

I’m smiling because I’m dancing to my favourite song!

I’m smiling because I’m enjoying my work to the fullest!

I’m smiling because I’m enjoying a nice cool drink on a hot day.

I’m smiling because today I can share my knowledge about rice farming with several people.

I’m smiling because I’m having a great day. Today I have sold a lot of fish!

Participate and go through other Smiles here!

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