Two 18-Year-Old Girls Are Getting Bengaluru to Save Its Precious Water

With drought like conditions in many parts of the nation, wastage of water is nothing short of criminal.

Why Waste?” is what Garvita Gulhati and Pooja Tanawade are asking all of us. Why Waste, is an organisation working towards effective conservation of water and they have recently also started working towards addressing waste segregation.

18 years of age, Garvita and Pooja are both college students who are based in Bengaluru and the founders of this initiative.

With drought like conditions in many parts of the nation, wastage of water is nothing short of criminal.

A once water-rich land
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It was a presentation made in their school by a representative from Reap Benefits that brought their attention to the amount of water being wasted by restaurants in Bengaluru alone.

Logical Indian reports, “They started by visiting restaurants in several areas of Bengaluru like Indiranagar, Koramangala and MG Road to speak to the managers and owners about the severe wastage of water and how to bring an end to it. Having received enthusiastic help from over 40 classmates, they could reach out to many eateries.”

When this initiative was started in July 2015, only a handful of restaurants agreed to even listen to the two college students. Today, two years later, almost 30 restaurants have not only patiently given them a hearing, but some have also re-looked their policies.

Pooja says, “We see such things every day and ignore it, instead if everyone takes up a small initiative it can make a huge difference.”

Every drop counts
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Taking this one step further, the girls started using social media not just to create awareness but also garner support for their cause. They started using various mediums to reach as many people as possible. Colourful posters with strong messages were put up at various schools and college across town.

It is their belief that every small contribution and support will help them.

As of now, Why Waste? has teamed up with an NGO called SAHAAS for the recycling of organic waste. Students of National Public School Koramangala have agreed to help out and have visited many restaurants across the city spreading the same message.

For more details about the venture, you can visit their Facebook page.

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