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Floods Caught You off Guard? Here’s a ‘Monsoon Emergency Bag’ We Should All Keep


If you were out on the streets of Mumbai on 29th August 2017, you have definitely experienced one of the following:

Waded through waist-deep sewage-mixed flood waters.

Tried multiple transport options or paid surcharge to fleet cabs.

Reached home 6 hours late than usual.

Perhaps, spent the night in office curled on a chair.

Stayed hungry in office because every food outlet in your vicinity refused to deliver food?

Well, for those who were least prepared and have ticked the maximum number of situations off the list, you need to take notes.

We are here to ensure, you don’t face the same issue, even if the 2005 deluge decides to revisit us!

Here’s a ‘monsoon emergency bag’ you need to keep handy:

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Dry clothes

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If you’ve lived in Mumbai for the longest time, you would know that no raincoat, wind cheater or umbrella can ensure you are 100% dry.

So, the least you can do to avoid being stranded in drenched clothes or expose yourself to a common cold or other infections is keep a change of clothes handy.

Mobile Phone Charger/ Power Bank

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An emergency like this can drain your phone off its battery as you make multiple calls to ensure your dear ones are safe or make multiple attempts to book a cab.


A phone charger, and especially a power bank, is your saviour, carry it.

Extra footwear

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Walking through chest-deep waterlogged streets, increases the chances of acquiring skin infections like leptospirosis.

After cleaning your feet with antiseptics, donning a spare and clean pair of open footwear will reduce the chances.

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Food stuff

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Most eateries will either shut or refuse to deliver at the risk of wading through mucky waters. In case of emergency when your tummy rumbles, keep dry snacks handy.

In addition to yourself, it is sure to help hungry companions & colleagues too.

First aid kit & medicines

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Carry your daily or emergency medication in a small pouch. If possible, keep a dose handy at your workplace or college locker.

This helps in case your bag gets wet wading through dirty water. It is likely; one may get hurt considering the number of potholes. A first aid box with band-aids, antiseptics or pain relieving sprays can come handy in such cases.

Warm clothes

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A shawl or sweater will keep you warm on your way home or even if you decide to crash at the office.

We hope the corporation is better prepared for monsoons and Mumbai never has to face a repeat of 29th August or 26th July ever again. But if crisis decides to strike again, these tips will help people face it better!

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