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Kochi Loves This Auto Driver – Who Has Been Filling Its Potholes for 16 Years!

He does it to give back to society and doesn't expect any credit in return. He's also covered almost all of Kochi!

Most of us drive to work dodging potholes and simultaneously cursing the government. But this Kochi auto rickshaw driver decided he’s better than that.

He’s taken it upon himself to fill whichever pothole he comes across on the city’s roads.

When Kumbalangi Kadugamparambil Job spots a pothole, he cleans it, spreads a layer of tar over it and fills it with crushed stone. After a few minutes, he spreads another layer of tar, some more stone chips, and dust to make sure it’s strong.

The autorickshaw driver is always on the lookout for potholes, and this is not a recent hobby. He has been doing it for the past 16 years, so it wouldn’t surprise you to know that he’s covered almost all the roads of Kochi.

Even though Job does this to only give back to society and expects no credit in return, the locals gradually took notice of his selfless act.

Picture for representation only. Source: Shutterstock

Some of them told Manorama Online, how, if it wasn’t for him, the roads in West Kochi would have still had potholes everywhere.

The one repair job that seems to stand out in memory for the residents was the giant pothole in Vathuruthy, which was filled by Job in a single night when there wasn’t much traffic on the road.

So, where does he get all the material from? Inspired by him, PWD contractors in the area entrust him with leftover tar and stone chips, so he can continue filling potholes.

Though it remains unanswered why the government wasn’t doing this job themselves.

And where did he learn to do this? Job used to work as a tarring laborer earlier and knows how to repair potholes professionally.

His work is appreciated by the locals, who say that sometimes Job does a better ‘job’ than the civic authorities!

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