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One Step Towards Recovery: Bengaluru’s Toxic Bellandur Lake Gets ‘Microbe’ Treatment

One Step Towards Recovery: Bengaluru’s Toxic Bellandur Lake Gets ‘Microbe’ Treatment

The lake, which is infamous for spilling out toxic foams, is finally getting a special treatment with the use of microbes.

Remember how Bengaluru’s Bellandur lake was spilling out toxic foam (again) recently? A full-fledged operation to treat the lake has already begun, with fire department staff, BDA officials, and contract labourers all set to do some real work.

Using a tiller from the fire department, a Swachh Bharat campaign-impanelled expert, Raaginni Jaain, threw sandbags and an organic culture liquid that contains microbes into the lake.

This, she said, would help tackle the foam.

Bellandur lake spilling out toxic foam. Source: Twitter

The tiller, however, could only allow them to spray the liquid horizontally, while spraying it vertically would’ve given better results.

“We will be pouring 500 litres of the culture liquid into the lake on Sunday and we have already poured 200 litres of it on Saturday. They contain microbes. I cannot reveal details about how they were created as it is created by us and we have obtained a patent for it,” she told the New Indian Express. They were created by her company Gitanjali Envirotech in Mumbai.

“The sulphate, ammonia and methane which are creating the foam from the sewage will be handled by the microbes,” she added. She also explained how each microbe can multiply into 6 crore microbes within an hour. The foam and the stench is then removed once these microbes consume and digest these materials. First they will tackle the foam, and then gradually move on to treating the entire 900-acre lake.

When carcinogenic foam began frothing in the lake a few days ago, the National Green tribunal (NGT) summoned Karnataka top officials demanding an explanation. The lake, infamous for frothing, had also caught fire a few months ago, where clouds of white smoke persisted in the air for days.

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